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Our faculty wishes you success in achieving your career goals. We hope you, in a student capacity, will join faculty and administration in our ongoing efforts in maintaining an outstanding and safe program. This handbook is designed to assist you in areas of requirements, policies, and procedures during your course of study in HVAC.

The specific program rules and policies identified in this handbook must be followed to remain in good standing within the HVAC Program. Should you have questions or need clarification regarding any content, please feel free to discuss it with your instructor, the or the Campus Director. After reading through this program student handbook, you will be asked to sign a statement (last page of this document) acknowledging that you understand its contents.


In accordance with the overall mission and the strategic plan of Trades Academy, the Department of HVAC seeks to provide a learning-centered environment of quality educational courses that ensures students complete their diploma, gain entry into the field of HVAC, and are responsive to the changing needs of business/industry.


The HVAC faculty are committed to the philosophy, mission and core values of Trades Academy and in doing so are dedicated to the preparation of students in the field of HVAC.

We believe that the faculty have the responsibility to plan, implement and evaluate the teaching-learning process and to provide those experiences to ensure safe practice. The student should accept the responsibility for learning as the faculty serves as only a facilitator in the learning process.



The faculty believe that experiences in the classroom and extern laboratory/shop cannot be adequately duplicated if a student is absent excessively. In addition, the program is designed to teach good work habits and safety practice, such as attendance.

Students must attend class at the time for which they are enrolled. Students who have a scheduling conflict must meet with the instructor immediately to discuss the conflict.

Any absences in the Fall, Spring, Summer and Mini Classes exceeding three days is considered excessive and will place a student on departmental probation for the remainder of the semester.

If absences should exceed 25% in one class, the student will be requested to withdraw from the program for excessive absences. Students not withdrawing will receive a class grade of “F”.

All supplies left at Trades Academy will become the property of Trades Academy after 5 days. Students are responsible for contacting the Campus Director and making arrangements to pick up their personal supplies.


Attend each class/lecture meeting and arrive on time and stay the entire block/class period. If an emergency arises that prevents class attendance, causes late arrival, or early departure, inform the instructor as soon as possible. Keep in mind that if you are absent, you cannot participate, and this will affect your grade. Failure to attend regularly may result in an “F” in the course(s).


Absences will affect grades given on lab sheets, which could potentially lead to failure of course(s). Students are responsible for making up any work missed due to excused absences. Arrangements must be made with the instructor for make-up work to be submitted. A missed test is to be taken the first day back to class. Workbook or other assignments are to be turned in the first day back to class. Tests and other work not completed or submitted the first day back will result in a “0” grade unless documentation of extenuating circumstances is provided on the first day back.


Excused absences allow students to submit make-up assignments and missed tests. Types of excused absences or documented leave of absence (LOA) are: doctor’s notes, court requests, childcare issues, transportation issues, family emergencies, and other extreme circumstances approved by your instructor. Documentation for a leave of absence must be submitted prior to leave request approval.

Each student is responsible for his/her own medical care throughout the program year. If the student needs to make an appointment with his/her private physician, the student should try to schedule the time so that it does not conflict with the program schedule or class time. You must provide documentation from a doctor to return to school if you have been absent due to an illness.


A student missing class for a college-sponsored event must provide documentation from the activity sponsor listing the event date, event time, and contact information for the sponsor or designated school official prior to the event.


Any tardies after the first three will be counted as an absence. The instructor will advise and issue a written warning to students with excessive tardiness as tardiness affects grades. Early departures from class will be counted as a tardies.


1.  Trades Academy reserves the right to request at any time the withdrawal or dismissal of any HVAC student whose health, conduct, excessive absences, personal qualities, and/or scholastic records indicate that it would make it inadvisable for the student to continue with the program.

2.  If there is voluntary withdrawal from the program, the student should withdraw prior to the withdrawal deadline by submitting a request form from Campus Director. Withdrawal deadlines are published in the Trades Academy Academic Calendar Found Online at ( It is the student’s responsibility to follow withdrawal procedures.

3.  Withdrawal courses appear on the student’s record with a grade of “W”. Until a student has officially withdrawn, the student remains on the class roster and may receive a grade of “F” for the course(s). Students are responsible for understanding the impact of withdrawing from a course.


1.  It will be the discretion of the Instructor/Campus Director to recommend dismissal of a student who has shown evidence of unsatisfactory practical performance, failure to follow the code of student conduct while in the classroom or shop area, receipt of multiple written disciplinary forms, excessive absences, or flagrant violations of Academy or program policies.

2.  If the student has an unresolved problem with his/her dismissal, then he/she may proceed with the academic grievance procedures. The guidelines for grievance procedures are outlined in the Trades Academy Student Handbook.


Students who have registered for the semester may choose to add or drop classes during the semester. For deadlines, please refer to the Trades Academy Academic Calendar. Students are advised to see a campus director or the appropriate department for assistance before making changes to their schedule. For further information on schedule changes, adds/drops/withdrawals refer to the student handbook.


See Campus Director.


Current Testing Center guidelines, contact names and phone numbers, and websites for the national test providers can be accessed via Trades Academy at:


Required textbooks and supplies and their costs may change without notice.


Students are allowed to park only in designated parking areas per Trades Academy campus policy.


Students should discuss grade concerns with their instructor. The instructor is the only person who can adjust a student's grade based on completer course work.


The HVAC Technology department follows the college’s policies for scholastic dishonesty which are dismissal if caught cheating.

NON-DISCRIMINATION Trades Academy prohibits discrimination, including harassment, against any student on the basis of age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, genetic information, or veteran status in the administration of its educational programs, activities or employment policies. Students who believe they have been discriminated against or denied an accommodation to which they are entitled should speak to the Campus Director.


The HVAC Technology department follows the college’s policies for student complaints. Students should contact the Campus Director and file a formal complaint.

Revised 09/21




1.   Students will be neatly groomed and must wear the required clothing and protective items in the lab/shop areas.

-          Safety glasses at all times in the lab/shop.

-          Earplugs in areas of high noise levels.

-          No tennis shoes are allowed in the shop.

-          No flannel-type pants or shorts to be worn.

-          No loose or dangling jewelry.

Students not wearing the appropriate clothing will obtain a verbal warning on the first offense and a written warning on the second offense. On the third offense, students will be reported to the Campus Director.

2.   Clean-up duties are required of each student. Students are to begin the clean-up process ten minutes prior to the end of class. This includes sweeping the immediate work area, returning equipment to the tool room, and assisting with the surrounding work area. Students not completing clean-up duties will obtain a verbal warning on the first offense and a written warning on the second offense. On the third offense, students will be reported to the Campus Director.

3.   An instructor must check and approve all projects. All projects are performed under supervision of an instructor and evaluated for a grade in order to monitor student’s progress. No personal projects will be allowed without the prior approval of the instructor. Students completing projects without the permission/supervision of an instructor will obtain a verbal warning on the first offense and a written warning on the second offense. On the third offense, students will be reported to the Campus Director.

4.   Students will be expected to do assigned practical work and projects. Refusal to conduct assigned work will result in the completion of a disciplinary form and a referral to the Campus Director.

5.   Students will be engaged in learning or practicing while in the shop. Students loitering and not constructively or materially helping the instructor or another student shall be asked to leave the premises. Refusal will result in the completion of a disciplinary form and a referral to the Campus Director.

6.   There will be no smoking, tobacco use, or eating in the lab/shop area. Tobacco products must be used in the designated area outside and a minimum of 25 feet from the building. Students who use tobacco or eat on the lab/shop floor will obtain a verbal warning on the first offense and a written warning on the second offense. On the third offense, students will be reported to the Campus Director.

7.   Handle equipment and tools with respect and safety. Mishandling, breaking, destruction or removal of equipment or school property will result in the students being asked to leave for the remainder of the class period. Students may be referred to the Campus Director.

-          Use equipment for its intended purpose.

-          Do not use equipment or adjust gauges that you are not familiar with using.

-          If at any time a student notices that equipment is damaged or in need of repair, advise an instructor immediately.

-          If at any time a student suspects an unsafe condition, advise an instructor immediately.

-          Be mindful of proper ventilation in your work area.

-          When using grinders, direct sparks away from others.

-          All machines must be operated with all required guards and shields in place.

-          Ensure that tool rests are adjusted as close to the grinding wheel as possible on the stationary pedestal grinders.

-          Do not grind near oxy-fuel tanks or other gas sources.

-          Do not handle oxy-fuel equipment with oil or grease on your hands or clothing.

-          Check the power cords and plugs on portable tools for damage before using them.

-          Never leave a machine running unattended.

-          Horseplay will not be tolerated.

8.   Students should not waste metal/materials and should use safety when handling.

-          Cut away practice brazes and consolidate pieces.

-          Do not remove metal/materials from lab/shop areas.

-          Get help in lifting or moving any heavy material.

-          Do not use material for practice or projects without instructor approval.

-          Quench all hot metal.

-          Write “HOT” on all objects that are too large to quench.

Students who are responsible for the waste of materials/supplies will be responsible for the replacement cost of the materials/supplies and a hold will be placed on all academic records until payment is received.

9.  Students are prohibited from having visitors in the shop/lab. Visitors should remain in the front lobby area of the building.

10.  Students are to report all accidents and/or injuries to an instructor immediately. Failure to report accidents and/or injuries will immediately complete a disciplinary form and be referred to the Campus Director.

11.  Students should know the location and proper use of fire extinguishers.

12.  Students are not to use the office or lab/shop telephones for personal use. Students should make phone calls on the student’s own time and from their own phones (i.e., breaks or after class).

13.  Cell Phones/I-pods – should be on silent at all times and should not be visible during class time. Students may not use cell phones during lab times; this includes texting, rgb(0, 0, 255)toothing, emailing, use of social networking or any other function. Cell phone calls should be taken during breaks, unless an emergency arises. In case of emergency, students are to take calls outside of the classroom and lab areas. Students not following electronic device procedures will obtain a verbal warning on the first offense and a written warning on the second offense. On the third offense, students will be reported to the Campus Director.

14.  Conduct – Considerate conduct is expected in order to maintain a safe environment which is conducive to learning. Students are required to follow the Trades Academy Code of Student Conduct, which is found in the Student Handbook. Profanity, complaining, undermining or arguing with an instructor will not be tolerated. The student will meet with the instructor to discuss the situation and/or resolve the difference. A written warning will be given to the student. If the student’s misconduct warrants, the student may be referred to the Campus Director.

15.  Lockers are provided for each student’s use. Lockers should be used to store personal items such as backpacks, coats and other items. These items should not be left on the lab/shop floor. Lockers are to be cleaned out at the end of each semester. Items left in lockers at the end of the semester will become the property of Trades Academy.

16.  Students are responsible for their own equipment, materials and supplies and should bring needed items to class each day. Using another student’s tools and/or supplies without permission is prohibited. Students who do so will receive a verbal warning on the first offense and a written warning on the second offence. On the third offense, students will be referred to the Campus Director. Trades Academy is not responsible for lost or stolen equipment, materials, supplies, etc.

17.  Parking – Students should park in the parking lot away from the building.





_____________________________________________________________________________________ STUDENT SIGNATURE

_____________________________ DATE


Emergency contact information

Name of contact _____________________________________________________________________

Phone number ______________________________________________________________________

Relationship to student _______________________________________________________________

Trades Academy

Student Photo Release Form

I hereby grant Trades Academy permission to use my likeness in a photograph or a video in any and all of its publications, including outside billboards and websites, without payment or any other consideration.

I understand and agree that these materials, videos and photographs are the property of Trades Academy.

I hereby irrevocably authorize Trades Academy to edit, alter, copy, exhibit, publish or distribute these for purposes of advertising, marketing and publicizing Trades Academy programs or for any other lawful purpose. In addition, I waive the right to inspect or approve the finished product, including written/physical or electronic copy, wherein my likeness appears. I also waive any right to royalties or other compensation or considerations arising or related to the use of these photographic materials.

I hereby hold harmless and release and forever discharge Trades Academy from all claims, demands and causes of action which I, my heirs, representatives, executors, administrators or any other person action on my behalf of my estate have or may have in the future by reason of this authorization and release.

I am at least 18 years of age and am competent to contract in my own name and represent myself. I have read this document before signing, and I fully understand the contents, meaning and impact of this agreement.

__________________________________________________________________________________ Signature Date

____________________________________ Printed Name

If the person signing is under the age of 18, their signature must be accompanied by that of a consenting parent or guardian, as follows:

I hereby certify that I am the parent or legal guardian of_______________________________________________ ,

named above, and I do hereby give my consent without reservation or further consideration to the foregoing on behalf of this minor child.

Signature of Parent/Legal Guardian Date___________________________________________________________________.

Printed Name of Parent/Legal Guardian Date______________________________________________________________.


This form is used to document all forms of discipline and to verify student acknowledgement. A student may be sent home if an Instructor deems it necessary for any form of misconduct and/or failure to follow the policies, rules and requirements set forth by the Trades Academy and/or the HVAC Technology Department.

Reason for Discipline.

Failure to be neatly groomed/not wearing the required clothing/protective wear at all times (Rule #1)

Not completing clean-up duties (Rule #2)

Not having an instructor check and approve all projects (Rule #3)

Failure to do practical work/assignment (Rule #4)

Smoking, tobacco use, drinking or eating in the inappropriate area or lab/shop area (Rule #6)

Failure to handle equipment and tools with respect and safety (Rule #7)

Wasting materials/supplies and/or not handling safely (Rule #8)

Failure to report accident(s) and/or injuries to an instructor (Rule #10)

Use of shop telephones for personal use (Rule #12)

Improper use of Cell Phones/I-pods (Rule #13)

Inconsiderate conduct or not maintaining a safe environment (Rule #14)

Personal items left on the lab/shop floor (Rule #15)

Using another student’s tools and/or supplies without permission (Rule #16)


Your signature acknowledges this discussion. It does not indicate agreement or disagreement with this disciplinary action.

SIGNATURE OF STUDENT DATE____________________________________________________________

SIGNATURE OF INSTRUCTOR DATE_________________________________________________________

 Method of Discipline:

____ Verbal Warning (1st offense; will be retained in the Instructor’s files)

____ Written Warning (2nd offense; extreme matters may be forwarded to Campus Director)

____ Referral to Campus Director: (3rd offense)

Your signature acknowledges this disciplinary action. It does not indicate agreement or disagreement with the action.

_______________________________ ______________________ SIGNATURE OF STUDENT DATE

_______________________________ ______________________ SIGNATURE OF INSTRUCTOR DATE

Revised 9/21